The Box-Maker

Creating the perfect box is the ultimate goal in the packaging line. Many procedures that were previously carried out by people in a distribution centre are now off-loaded to machinery, increasing the speed and accuracy of operations.

The initial investment for even the most advanced technology has become affordable for companies of all sizes, however, as with most machinery once it is in place and bolted down, it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

The Box-Maker from Barker Robotics is designed to not only have a small footprint but to be portable between packing stations or packing lines, this allows for downtime for planned maintenance in that area or product trends that only run at certain times on a particular production/packing line.

Hospitality Robots



Servi sets a new standard in service by relieving repetitive tasks like food running, drink delivering and table bussing. In doing so, your servers are able to set their focus on what really matters – exceptional service and elevated customer experiences.

Servi is also well suited to help in care homes and can help with the day to day tasks of delivering meals and drinks to the elderly and again, this will then leave care nurses more time to spend with the residents.

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